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  Solar 23rd Psalm Bible (Case of 8)



The Solar 23rd Psalm Bible

Solar 23rd Psalm Bible

The New Solar Bible displays the 23rd Psalm.

The 23rd Psalm is the most common Bible verse used during the loss of a loved one.

The Solar Bible gives us the Peace and Comfort
that God wants us to have.

God's message inspires us and gives us the strength
we need
to make it through the tough times.

With its Spectacular glow, the Solar Bible will light up the grave of the one who touched our lives with joy.

Solar 23rd Psalm Bible

The Solar 23rd Psalm Bible makes a great gift for ourselves or others who have lost a loved one. What better place to turn to than God's Word.

The Solar 23rd Psalm Bible has been created in such Detail you can even see the page edges of the Bible.

The Solar Bible comes complete with a ground stake and batteries. It is 14" x 10" x 3".
It is made to withstand weather conditions and comes with a 90-day warranty.

Click here to order the "New"
Solar 23rd Psalm Bible
for only $29.95

The Solar 23rd Psalm Bible is one of the most precious things I have ever seen. It is such an honor
to be able to display God's message to the public. Thank you for this new item.
God Bless, The "S" Family.

This Beautiful
Shining Cross Is

"Sweeping The Nation"

Being displayed by loved ones everywhere!


Solar Lighted Cross

Solar Light Cross

Maybe you have seen the crosses that light up the cemeteries at night? What A Beautiful Sight!

This precious bright shining cross displays LOVE
for those we have lost. It represents God's Love as it lights up a bright path for those that have gone on before us.

The solar light cross has become such a popular item since it has been created.

Right now you can own a beautiful solar light cross for only $34.95

Solar Light Cross

only $34.95

Click Here to Order the Eternal Solar Light Cross Now!


We purchased one of your crosses and it is the most beautiful
thing I have ever seen. Thank you for the opportunity of purchasing one.
Thanks again, The M Family

Solar Light Angel

The Eternal Light Angel has arrived and she's prettier and more comforting than we imagined.

With the glow of her wings shining bright, she lights up the way with her angelic beauty.

The details of her wings, her hair, and her hands, make the solar light angel appear as if she were an Angel from Heaven.

The Solar Light Angel displays as a guardian angel watching over your loved ones.

Not only the wings, but,the entire body of the Angel lights up

Valued at $69.00, you can purchase the Angel Solar Light for
ONLY $44.95

Click Here To Order The Eternal Solar Light Angel Now

Both the solar light cross and the solar light angel are powered by the sunlight during the day and stay bright at night.

The solar lighted cross and the angel solar light stand 14" high and 10" wide. They are waterproof and require No Maintenance!

They are made of acrylic to withstand most weather conditions. They come with a ground stake to easily insert the cross or angel into the ground or to hold them in place in your flower arrangement

For the Solar Light Cross, you can add on a Photo Sleeve to display a picture of your loved one with the cross.

Solar Light Cross

Now you can buy the

Light Cross

for only $34.95 for a Limited Time

Click Here to Order the Eternal Light Cross

The Cross is beautiful. We love it! It marks our sons grave and we can see it from the freeway as we pass by. It's like he is saying "Hi" to us. What a special feeling. Thank you so much!


"Limited Time Offer"

Get the Solar Light Cross


the Solar 23rd Psalm Bible

for the **SPECIAL** low price of

ONLY $64.95

Click Here To Order

Solar Light CrossThe solar light cross and solar light angel can be used for many things including:

  • Roadside Memorial

  • Cemetery Headstone/Urn Decoration

  • Funeral Arrangement

  • Cemetery Vases

  • Floral Arrangement

  • Christmas Decoration

  • Front Yard Display

  • Garden Light Display

  • Church Yard

  • Religious Displays

You can use any of these reasons or you may have ideas of your own.

Support Our Troops by displaying a Cross in your yard. Let them know that God's Light is with them.

Eternal Light AngelThere are many holidays that make this a great gift idea:

  • Memorial Day

  • Mother's Day

  • Father's Day

  • Birthdays

  • Love Gift

  • Easter

  • Secret Pal

  • Anniversaries

  • Christmas

Solar Light CrossMany
people are using the cross to put in their front yard to represent Faith and Love.

What A Way To Minister To People

When neighbors and friends ask where you got your cross, it gives you a great opportunity to minister to them.

I saw one of these crosses on a grave and it touched me so much. It is
a wonderful idea. I just lost my father and I want one so I can light
up his world. Thank you very much.

IMAGINE THE WORLD lit up with bright shining crosses and angels!! What a glorious day that would be!

Don't pass up this opportunity to purchase the Solar Light Cross or the Solar Light Angel at the special price before it goes up. Order yours today.

Click here to order your SOLAR LIGHTED CROSS for ONLY $34.95 for a Limited Time.

Click here to order your 23rd PSALM BIBLE for ONLY $34.95 for a Limited Time.

Click here to order your SOLAR LIGHTED ANGEL for ONLY $44.95 for a Limited Time.


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