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  Solar 23rd Psalm Bible (Case of 8)


Q. How long does the solar light stay lit?
The solar light stays lit for 5 hours or more depending on the time of year and the amount of sunlight the light gets. Please note that in the winter months, the cross doesn't get much sunlight so the light may not light up as long or even get enough sunlight to light up some days. On overcast days, the batteries may not get enough charge to light up.

Q. Does the light come with a warranty?
The light comes with a 90-day warranty against manufacturers defects. There will be 20% re-stocking fee for returns without defects. Products must be returned within 10 days.

Q. How long does the solar light battery pack lasts?
The battery pack lights up the solar light for approximately 6-8 months, sometimes longer.

Q. Can I pay by check or money order?
Yes. You can pay by either check or money order. The check or money order must be made payable to: Name: T. Swiger and sent to: P.O. Box 1282, LaFayette, GA 30728

Q. Can the item be returned?
Yes, but the postage paid cannot be refunded. Only the amount of the individual item.

Q. What if the item doesn't light up?
Sometimes the batteries don't come pre-charged. We have no way of being able to tell. If they aren't already charged, they will need at least 48-72 hours of sunlight to get the initial charge to light up the product. After that, as long as the product stays in the sun, it will start getting the charge it needs.
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