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  Solar Light Angel

  23rd Psalm Bible / Angel / Cross Trio
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  Solar 23rd Psalm Bible (Case of 8)

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Have you been seeking a quality company offering pet memorial stones and solar garden lights without any luck? We have everything from memorial stones and outdoor lighted angels to an assortment of dog memorials and an engraved personalized gift. Find bargain priced angel solar lights and a custom engraved gift among our pet memorial stones. We invite you to view our selection of solar lighted cross figures and we also offer affordable custom engraving and stone engraving services. We hope to continually provide you with great products along with our steadfast commitment to service and products at reasonable prices.

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The Solar 23rd Psalm Bible

Solar 23rd Psalm Bible
The New Solar Bible displays the 23rd Psalm.

The 23rd Psalm is the most comforting and commonly used Bible Verse during the loss of a loved one.

The Solar Bible gives us the Peace and Reassurance that God wants us to have as we face our difficult times.

God's message inspires us and gives us the strength we need.

With its Spectacular glow, the Solar Bible will illuminate the grave of the one who has filled our lives with happiness.

The Solar Bible has been created in such Detail that you can even see the pages edged on the Bible.

The Solar Bible comes complete with a ground stake and rechargeable batteries. No other supplies are needed.

The dimensions of the Solar Bible are 14" x 10" x 3". It is made to withstand weather conditions and comes with a 90-day warranty.

Solar 23rd Psalm Bible The Solar 23rd Psalm Bible makes a great gift for ourselves or others who have lost a loved one.

There is no better place to turn to than God's Word to comfort us during our time of need.

Solar 23rd Psalm Bible only $29.95

Click here to order the "New" Solar 23rd Psalm Bible for yourself or someone you care about.

The Solar 23rd Psalm Bible is one of the most precious things I have ever seen. It is such an honor to be able to display God's message to the public. I can't wait to display it on my Father's grave. Thank you for this new item. God Bless, The "S" Family.

Solar 23rd Psalm Bible
only $29.95

This Beautiful Shining Cross Is

"Sweeping The Nation"

Being displayed by loved ones everywhere!

Official website of

Solar Light Cross

Have you been wanting to show your love and affection for your lost loved one but have been unsure how you can?

Now You Can by placing the Eternal Light Cross next to them to show your love and support.

Solar Light Cross

Maybe you have seen the crosses that light up the cemeteries at night? What A Beautiful Sight!

This precious bright shining cross displays LOVE and PEACE for those we have lost. It represents God's Love as it lights up a bright path for those that have gone on before us.

The solar light cross has become such a popular item since it has been created.

Right now you can own a beautiful solar light cross for only $34.95

Eternal Solar Light Cross
only $34.95

What better way to honor your loved one than to display your LOVE for them with this Precious Bright Shining Cross next to them.

Click Here to Order the Eternal Solar Light Cross Now!

We purchased one of your crosses and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Thank you for the opportunity of purchasing one. Thanks again, The M Family


"Limited Time Offer"

Get the Solar Light Cross
the Solar 23rd Psalm Bible

for the **SPECIAL** low price of

ONLY $64.95
Click Here To Order.

Solar Light Angel

The Eternal Light Angel has arrived and she's prettier and more comforting than we imagined.

With the glow of her wings shining bright, she lights up the way with her angelic beauty.

The details of her wings, her hair, and her hands, make the solar light angel appear as if she were an Angel from Heaven.

The Solar Light Angel displays as a guardian angel watching over your loved ones.

Not only the wings, but,the entire body of the Angel lights up

Valued at $69.00, you can purchase the Angel Solar Light for
ONLY $44.95

I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am with my Solar Angel. The quality was far better than anticipated. Thank you!!!

I just received my order and I wanted you to know that I think they are wonderful. I have never been so satisfied with something like this. You have a wonderful day and God Bless You. FS

Click Here To Order The Eternal Solar Light Angel Now


"Limited Time Offer"

Get the Solar Light Cross
the Solar 23rd Psalm Bible

for the **SPECIAL** low price of

ONLY $64.95
Click Here To Order.


In addition to the Solar 23rd Psalm Bible, the solar lighted cross, and the angel solar lights, we have added memorial stones, including pet memorial stones, and floral arrangements to our website for your convenience

Solar Lighted Cross Bible AngelSolar Lighted Crosses and Angels

What A Beautiful Sight! The solar lighted cross and angel solar lights, light up at night to display a soft glow of light next to your loved one.
The solar lighted cross and angel bring comfort and peace. The solar cross and angel both stand 14"high and are 10" wideand they require no maintenance.
The Bible, Cross, and Angel Solar Lights can also be added to your collection of solar garden lights.

Click Here for more information on ALL our solar lights

Memorial Floral ArrangementMemorial Floral Arrangements

Our floral arrangements are uniquely designed compared to others you've seen. The floral arrangements are created using combinations of flowers and colors that create beautifully crafted arrangements. The rich, vibrant, and seasonal colors make these arrangements perfect for any occasion. Flowers include roses, lilies, carnations, daisies, and more.
You will find our prices to be very competitively priced.

Click Here for more information on the Memorial Floral Arrangements

Engraved Memorial StoneCustom Engraved Memorial Stones

Create a Personalized Custom Engraved Memorial Stone for your loved one. Each stone is engraved with personal information only for the special person. Engrave the name and date, or favorite saying. Anything you want. Memorial stones include Pet Memorial Stones for Dog Memorials or any other family pet.
Wedding and Anniversary Engraved stones make great custom engraved gifts.

Click Here for more information on Custom Engraved Memorial Stones

Bereavement PlaquesMemorial Bereavement Plaques

When it's hard to find the perfect gift in a time of sorrow, the Bereavement Plaques and Frames make a special gift that brings comfort to that grieving person. These frames are wrapped around comforting sayings that include, Remembrance, Psalm 23, Photo Memorials, Miss Me, and more. With quality workmanship and perfect sayings, these frames will bring love and remembrance to anyone in need of comfort.

Click Here for more information on Memorial Bereavement Plaques

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